The nora ephronicles

Kelsey and Kelsey think their lives are a Nora Ephron movie... They're not. Watch as these two best friends fumble through the dark and disgusting truths of New York City living with writer and movie making icon Nora Ephron-colored glasses.

Kelsey B. has the chance to morph a Snapchat friendship into a full-blown Sleepless in Seattle love affair and Kelsey M. plays the ultimate wing woman: Rosie O'Donnell.

Kelsey B. and Kelsey M. use one of Nora Ephron's most iconic date moves and score attention from more than just their fellas.

After an epically horrible week, Kelsey B. and Kelsey M. cheer themselves up by getting the Meg Ryan bobs they deserve.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a conspiracy theorist the Kelseys think is Michael, the character from Nora Ephron's film, "Michael."

What happens when Kelsey B. and Kelsey M. have the chance to meet the star of hit films and sex dreams alike... BILLY CRYSTAL? Things don't work out exactly as planned...obviously.

The Nora Ephronicles was a featured pick on Funny or Die and called a "darkly sunny walk in the park," by The Daily Dot.